Hardwood Flooring Information Not Found Elsewhere

Prices Broken Down Into Detail

Why does a product that retails for $ 3.89 a square foot actually cost $10.00 once it's over and done with? We've broken down prices to nearly every single tidbit including the walking the family dog.

Hardwood Floor Prices
Buying A New Floor. What? Where To Start?
What To Choose?

Always a struggle. What type of floor to choose and why? Engineered, solid? Can it be installed on my concrete floor? In this section we go the entire nine yards including what many salespeople will not tell you unless you ask.

What's The Cost To Hire a Professional?

Everybody wants to know what it costs to hire a professional. We've provided a handy list that details nearly every type of task a hardwood professional handles. Keep in mind, these numbers are general guesstimates and will vary substantially.

Cost To Hire Professionals
Advice. Everyone Says Something Different.
Hardwood Flooring Advice

Everyone says something different including the plumber. Who to believe? Some advice will create problems instead of helping. Big box store advice to internet retailers, and hometown professionals.

Hardwood Floors Sell Homes. How Much Do I Need To Spend?
Hardwood Floors Sell Homes

The addition of wood floors in your home has proven to increase a home's value and help sell a home faster. That's the easy part. However, most people don't know which direction to take. Do I need to spend a fortune or can I get away with a budget floor? See examples and reasons why.

Floor Layout. What Works Or Looks Best?

"We talked our best friends into buying new floors. I can't believe we didn't think about installing them on a diagonal." See more on floor layout options. Ideas that make rooms look larger and ones that will make your home stand out among others.

Layout. Diagonal Installation
The Environment - Is That Product Really Green?
Green Movement

We've offered some factual in depth analysis regarding the green movement. It tells us buying USA made is the wisest choice. Some products being rated high in the media actually score poorly on our scale. Why?

Custom Floors

Custom Hardwood Floors

Most people think doing something different will break the bank. With the internet, some lesser known high quality specialty manufacturers are selling direct. Think about custom floor appearances for up to 50% off not including installation.

Buy On The Web?

Buy Online Or Local?

Is it worth saving a few hundred dollars buying off the internet? It depends on you. It may cause more inconvenience and frustration that you don't need. In the past we sold product on the web and know the pitfalls and benefits. This is a can't miss because no online seller will ever publish this information.

Take Care Of That Investment

Cleaners & Maintenance

Preferred types of cleaners and floor maintenance. Several must haves to insure your floor does not become a problem.