Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing Guide

Unbiased hardwood flooring information you definitely will not find elsewhere...

Why? Most stores just want the easy sale. They say too much information spoils the sale.

We Provide All Sides To The Story. Spend some time on our site and you'll know more than those big box store guys that only want to sell you their imported brands. You'll be amazed at other options.

Learn About

    • Trends, Remodeling
    • Experts and Not Experts
    • Here were cover what’s popular in styles and color. What parts of the home are often used for wood floors. Prefinished, unfinished.
    • We know how confusing it can be or who to believe for advice. Our suggestion; find a qualified expert and not the big box store guy!
    • Types & Styles
    • Species & Colors
    • Solid, engineered? Concrete installation? Basic guides in what can and cannot be used. Thickness, lengths, and appearances discussed.
    • Nearly 40 different natural hardwoods shown from almost black to blonde. Properties and color changes discussed. Full sized room scene for all.
    • Floor Layout
    • Avoid Problems
    • What looks better? Floors running long ways or sideways. Can depend on the type of sub floor. Diagonal installations.
    • Can’t miss this section! It can be a matter of success or failure. Don't be like this guy!

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