Bruce Hardwood Floors


Our view of Bruce is puzzled and neutral. The company Bruce Hardwood Floorsitself is almost a household name when hardwood floors are mentioned, but we’ve seen no major changes in their product selection line over the last ten years going back to 2000.

Granted, they were some of the early birds to the distressed hardwood rage that began in the late 90’s with their American Originals line. Yes they did have a few antique solids well before others, but nothing else to share basically. And yes they have brought on some interesting imported hand scraped products and basically

started the lock and fold rage for do it yourselfers.

Their solid lines remain top sellers and we’re thankful some of the mundane engineered hardwoods have gone by the wayside. Other companies have been busy in the meantime bringing to market designs any decorator would crave.

We’re expecting something afoot. After all, the company owned by Armstrong gave the older Hartco line a makeover in 2009 which brought on styles some never dreamed of. On the other hand, perhaps they're satisfied with what they have, but it has not helped sales as the company continues to lose market share.

Installer Ratings- Overall rating Average Quality Products.
Product Lines- Solid 5/16" & 3/4" Engineered 3/8" & 1/2" Plank Widths; 2 1/4" to 5"

Company Information

P.O. Box 3001
Lancaster, PA 17604
Phone: (800) 233-3823
Website Notes: Thorough. High qaulity images (September 2012)