Home Depot Hardwood Floors

Over the years we have not been impressed with Home Depot's hardwood flooring selections, but our latest opinion is more positive. Gone are the abundant looking standardBruce hardwood flooring at Home Depot Red oak hardwoods in lieu of more styles people are looking for today. Having visited many of these stores in the southeast US, selections may vary with some stores offering limited selections while others have more. However, they do not compare to what you would find in a specialty wood flooring store.

Improved Product Selections & More Manufacturers

In some stores you can find the newest rage in hand scraped floors or the French Bleed, and exotic hardwood in their Manchurian Walnut line. Other more popular flooring choices of today can be found in the Durocork and Home Legend bamboo lines. Some of which offer more DIY type click lock installation methods.. A very attractive product we found were some hand scraped bamboos. Looking for that elusive parquet many others have discontinued? The store still carries the Bruce line in our last check. Last but not least is the Bruce Lock and Fold.

Home Depot can also obtain unfinished flooring, or in some cases stores actually have product in stock that can be taken home that day. Stocked items are generally red oak strip flooring. We’ve seen common red oak stair treads and risers sold in Depot as well, along with Pine, but they are generally not near the flooring department.

Other Major Brands Sold In Home Depot

• Armstrong Hartco
• Bruce
• Harris Wood
• Homerwood
• Mohawk
• Robbins
• Shaw


Pricing on major brands shown above are lower than most local retailers, but they are not as low as many would assume. If you're looking for great bargains wait until they have their 20% off sales events. Prices at that time are US Floors. Cork, Bamboocompetitive with online companies and you don't pay any freight. Read the fine print, sales usually cover non stocking products only.

About Those Sales People in Home Depot

It’s really hit or miss finding someone knowledgeable with hardwood flooring. Most floor sales people have more experience with carpet, vinyl, and tile flooring. While we're skeptical overall on their ability to provide sound information how each floor can be installed the correct way, you may want to visit our page on what to look out for in an installer. Some of the subject matter covered is applicable to salespeople also.

Installation Personnel & Labor Rates

Our view has not been positive in some locations when it comes down to who will actually be doing your work. You are more likely to have a better experience going through the National Wood Flooring Association for installers. Labor rates at Home Depot stores are generally higher than other independent stores or installers. Another drawback of using store labor has been scheduling and communication problems from the sales department to ordering correct accessories.

Tools & Accessories

One great benefit to doing your shopping at Home Depot is naturally the tool and accessory choices for any project. Practically every Home Depot we've been in has all the tools necessary to install any solid floor that has to be nailed down. The store is ideal for miscellaneous floor preparation and hand tools. If you're on a

limited budget and cannot afford power tools, many but not all Home Depot stores rent nearly every tool needed.

Unlike many smaller retail stores, Home Depot carries a small inventory that can be taken home the same day. In addition, they generally have trim moldings in stock, usually in standard colors. Unfortunately most of the store stock moldings run only four feet in length, with the exception of quarter round

What Happened To DBM Rosewood?

Our research shows Home Depot took on a campaign to reduce the amount of lumber that was coming from endangered tropical forests in the middle of this decade. This also included the exotic DBM Rosewood product, which is no longer sold through the stores.

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