Kahrs Hardwood Floors

Ask any experienced installer that has worked with mostKahrs Wood Floors of the prefinished brands shown on this site, what their favorites are, and Kahrs will always be mentioned in the top three. Why? Uninterrupted years of high quality, non existent product problems, and overall ease of working with their products.

The company is not a mass producer, nor a household name in the likes of Bruce or Lumber Liquidators. Their distribution isn’t as far reaching either. What has impressed us and installers is not only the top drawer quality, but one company that knows how to manufacture a true square edged hardwood.

Kahrs offers engineered hardwoods only. Only one element brings a shortcoming if there is one; shorter board lengths with some lines. However, since our last update, the company has made improvements in the board length factor, particularly with the Castle and Cottage Collection. Perhaps they’re listening to installers or read this site? We’re looking for that day when a genuine facsimile strip line comes out.

Something on the order of 2 ΒΌ” and a 3 inch selection that includes all the top selling hardwood species. Random lengths running to 84 inches and their unparalleled square edge milling. So what is this true square edged product we often discuss with Kahrs? It’s as close to one can get to a sand and finish floor without any beveled edges.

Some designs worthy of a peek that aren’t your ordinary could be the Kahrs Studio line, offering herringbone deigns in eight different species. Other thoughts about the Kahrs portfolio include a number of matte type finishes. These finishes present an option for those with very active households as scratching becomes less noticeable with the dull sheen opposed other manufacturers that rely on glossier type appearances.

Installer Ratings- Overall rating Industry Leader in Floating Floors.
Product Lines- Engineered Only

See Our Video - produced before changes in early 2009. Some product lines have been discontinued since.

Company Information

940 Centre Circle Suite 1000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Phone: (800) 800-5247
Website Notes: Moderately difficult to reach product lines. Extensive. High quality, but frustrating unless viewed on an ultra high speed connection. (May 2013)