Mannington Hardwood Floors

Our view of Mannington is positive in that they have made product improvements, and brought on a large number of distressed or hand scraped type floors. All products manufactured by Mannington are engineered. They do not offer the thick veneer type floors some are seeking today, nor have they tried to break away from the engineered flooring short length factor.

Shuffled to the background have been the all too common rotary peeled oaks in lieu of more stylish colors and design ideas. One very recent introduction sure to catch the eye of designers is the Marrakech Moroccan Hickory that offers a random width

look with lot’s of character and today’s trend toward darker stains. No more messing with trying to figure square footage on a combination plank width floor; it’s all boxed into one.

Numerous colors are now available in the Caspian LocN Go introduced in 2007. We’re pleased the company has made this an easier do it yourself product, and not one riddled with problems like other similar lock type floors.

One appealing idea the company has recently introduced is their Earthly Elements line. Some could compare it to parquet but without the common finger joint assembly. Essentially there are three design dimensions allowing for a variety of appearances. Square wood tiles at 12 inch, longer larger rectangles at 12 by 24 inches and a common six inch wide plank running twelve to 48 inches.

Founded in 1915 the company has been privately held and operated by the same family. Other floor covering lines include vinyl flooring and laminate.

Installer Ratings- Overall rating Quality Engineered Hardwoods
Product Lines- All Engineered

Company Information

75 Mannington Mills Road
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 935-3000
Website Notes: Ease of navigation. Informative. Quality room scenes. (May 2013)