Naturally Aged Flooring

Our view of Naturally Aged is positive. Specializing in imported Naturally Aged Flooringengineered wide plank flooring, the company offers mostly distressed hardwoods in a five inch width. Distressing will come in the form of heavy scraping, or chatter (inconsistent gouging of the surface) and mild contoured appearances, but does offer custom opportunities to anyone.

Favoring this company over others lies in custom orders. Others have minimum orders set too high if you’re after a custom look. Other benefits include longer trim moldings running to eight feet. Matching stair treads! You will not find that option with the big guns in the business. Available with all products sold.

All standard lines are manufactured overseas with custom ordering handled within their own facilities in Southern California. Some products that stand out and are not produced in volume by others include the increasing popularity of French Bleed hardwood styles. Distressed with an additional blackened edge.

Not surprising, with the growing barrage of imported Asian goods today, some products sold by others may be identical to Naturally Aged. Garrison, Max Windsor, and Johnson Hardwood are a few names. All have different price points. One difference with Naturally Aged is the custom hardwood options in all types of styles; solid, engineered, long plank, herringbone, and parquet to name a few.

Installer Ratings- Overall rating
Product Lines- Engineered 1/2" & 9/16" x 5" & 7" Some solid
Company Information

4460 Ish Dr.
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Phone: (866) 522-4500
Website Notes: Simple. Not thorough, compared to others today (May 2013)