Shaw Hardwood Floors

While the Shaw hardwood line does not have the long standing history of otherShaw Hardwood Floors companies we preview on our site. One thing is clear, the company has become a leader in creating products that consume fewer natural resources on the final product. This is particularly obvious in their engineered product.

Of appealing interest is the Epic line of engineered flooring. Benefits include a vast reduction in the amount of hardwood used in it’s construction. This is accomplished by using manufacturing waste byproducts that in the past would be dumped in landfills. This material is used for the core construction that becomes a high density fiber product. An added plus becomes the overall impact resistance and increased hardness of the surface layer compared to traditional engineered hardwoods that utilize a softer core or construction materials.

About that ScufResist™ technology. While it’s proven to reduce surface wear on wood floors substantially, it does not offer protection from scratching and denting. Keep in mind, as the names implies, the product resists but does not prevent.

Shaw will take time to become a true hardwood professional’s choice. The industry can be stubborn to accept newcomers as the company is often branded as a carpet store hardwood. This is sometimes associated with being inferior or not up to snuff. However with recent additions of Anderson and Zickgraf, both of whom have deep roots in the industry, chances are possible acceptability may be short lived.

Installer Ratings- Overall rating
Product Lines- Mostly engineered and distressed.

Company Information

616 E. Walnut Avenue
Dalton, GA 30722
Phone: (800) 441-7429
Website Notes: Quality sample and room scene photos.(May 2013)