Black Hardwood Floors

Good Demand - But A Dust Magnet

With today’s trends favoring darker stained flooring, black will Black hardwood floorsalways be a select crowd favorite somewhere. However one should think about the maintenance if you’re the choosey type or spend too much time obsessing over the condition of your floors.

Forget about trying to keep these floors clean! That is unless you have a full time maid to clean everyday. Black attracts dust like ants to sugar.


Several companies are filling the demand for black flooring that include the floating floor industry leader Kahrs. Shown on the right is their Oak Estacado which is one of a half dozen black or near black products the company offers. Other stain colors include slate, cocoa and lava. For solid choices, a number of Canadian manufacturers compete against one another that include Lauzon, Mirage, and Muskoka. The latter presents a solid white oak 5 and 7 inch random width plank named Night and an impressive hand scraped floor with the same name.

Wider Plank

Other engineered manufacturers offering much darker stains include Mohawk's Brazilian Cherry Ebony or Dark Chestnut to name a few. Wide plank dark floors that can be installed by the floating method show a number manufactured by The Garrison Collection. Taking a look at their seven inch wide French connection Oak Armagnac, Noir, and Toulouse fall intoStaining wood floor dark the darker stained category.

As of this update, few solid wide plank products are offered in some of the more well known brands except Indusparquet and their Brazilian Angelim Ebony. Searching for a natural black wood floor? Wenge is the only common natural black hardwood used for flooring but can be pricey. Expect to pay over $10.00 per square foot retail for a solid 3" wide unfinished plank. Wider material will be progressively more expensive and harder to obtain.

Custom Stained On Site

Can't find what you're looking for? Options include having the hardwood installed on site, sanded, stained black, and finished. The job shown above wasn't a black stain per se but a mixture of Dura Seal's Coffee Brown and Ebony. The customer had initially wanted the deep ebony black color but after a little bit of on site education from the contractor they were persuaded to go a little lighter for everyday upkeep improvement. Additionally, the graining of the hardwood was still visible.

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