Weave In New Floors

Here’s an example of a very large weave in repair. The situation dealt with two rooms that were combined into one by removing a wall. The original installation did not line up in the two areas. Reasons being could be several as both rooms were started off the right side wall. The only real reason why the areas did not line up could have had to do with the baseboard heating. In other words, the installers started the installation off the wall differently in both rooms.


Before and After

Weave in hardwood before
Weave in completed

Details About This Job

· Sand and finish job
· White Oak common #1
· Labor involved: 28 hours

The job took place in Northville, Michigan in a split level home built in the 60’s. The new owners wanted more space for a master bedroom so a wall was removed turning two bedrooms into one.

The entire upstairs area had existing #1 common White Oak installed when the home was built. What made the situation difficult was the two rooms were installed slightly differently so the flooring did not line up when the wall was taken out. A difference of 3/8 inch had to be made up for and the decision was to remove one side and weave or tie in new to match the area.

Multifunction Tool! Life Saver

Once one side was removed a considerable amount of time was spent “toothing” in boards so the new would tie in seamlessly. What made the job go quicker was the use of a multifunction tool. Years before this tool wasn’t available the procedure had to be done carefully with a hammer and sharp chisel work. The difference in time on this job with the tool probably amounted to a few hours.

Once all the new end joint areas were cut, the circular saw is brought in to cut the older boards out. You can view the entire procedure in the video below.

Multifunction tool remove boards
Using the circular saw
Mulitifunction Tool
Circular Saw

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