Floor Leveling Compounds

Floor leveling compounds used for hardwood floor preparation come in a variety of forms depending on how much may be needed and what kind of subfloor you may have. For all Pouring Floor Levelerintent and purposes we'll concentrate on minor prep work that can be accomplished by do it yourselfers. Any excessive work that may required should be left to a professional.

Flat Floor - Not Level

Floor leveling is a common used term, but we've found it to be over used. Principally we want to achieve a flat working area. Flat allows flooring to be installed in their natural state. Actual floor leveling is accomplished by the use of large quantities of leveling compound either poured (seen right) or pumped on to the concrete slab. Compounds you should be seeking are Portland cement based such as the one shown above manufactured by Parabond called ParaPatch Plus. Mixed with water, these compounds can dry extremely fast. If you're not familiar with their uses we suggest experimenting first to get a handle on the properties.

Not Generally For Wood Sub Floors

Keep in mind, not all products can be used effectively on both wood and concrete subfloors. Our view with using these types of leveling compounds on wood subfloors is cautious. Unknown is the expansion and contraction wood subfloors can take on when combined with harder solid compounds.

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